Cemfree can transform your construction projects, reduce carbon emissions and enhance durability.
Cemfree can transform your construction projects, reduce carbon emissions and enhance durability.

Concrete Change is needed now says Cemfree

Cemfree, the pioneering producer of ultra-low carbon Alternative Alkali-Activated Cementitious Materials (AACMs), welcomes the United Nations’ approval of the Global Cement & Concrete Association’s (GCCA) plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

However, while hailing this milestone as a significant step towards combating climate change, Cemfree emphasises that their ultra-low carbon alternatives are available now and can reduce emissions by up to 85% – and is urging the construction industry not to wait and to to embrace this sustainable alternative without delay.

During a recent video conference with approximately 200 industry leaders in Zurich, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for “concrete pledges from the concrete industry,” echoing the sentiments expressed by GCCA Chief Executive Thomas Guillot.

With all the leading manufacturers, who are members of the GCCA, pledging to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050 in alignment with GCCA’s Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete, the cement and concrete industry takes pride in being the first heavy industry to outline such a comprehensive plan.

Acknowledging the progress made in implementing carbon-cutting measures and the resultant reduction in emissions, Guillot emphasised that several challenges still remain, including the need for enabling policies and regulations from governments worldwide, which are yet to be established.

Against this backdrop, Guillot urged all manufacturers worldwide, who have not yet done so, to join the pledge of eliminating emissions by 2050. He further implored governments to collaborate with the essential industry to create a favourable policy framework that will facilitate a smooth and efficient transition to sustainable practices.

Cemfree concurs with the sentiments expressed by the UN and the GCCA regarding the urgent need for action. While striving to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C, Cemfree stresses that time is of the essence. Scientific evidence highlights the necessity of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by almost half by 2030 to achieve this target. Such a colossal leap in climate action calls for immediate and substantial reductions in global emissions.

Cemfree firmly believes that the time for action is now. Their ultra-low carbon cement alternatives offer a tangible solution to significantly reduce emissions. With the ability to cut emissions by up to 85%, Cemfree’s technology represents an immediate opportunity for the concrete industry to make substantial progress towards sustainability. By embracing low-carbon alternatives such as Cemfree, the industry can lead the way in achieving the required emission reductions.

While commending the UN’s approval of the GCCA’s plan and the commitment demonstrated by industry leaders, Cemfree encourages all stakeholders to consider the immediate implementation of low-carbon alternatives. By doing so, the industry can contribute to the global effort of combating climate change, limit temperature rise, and build a more sustainable and resilient world.

See more information here: https://gccassociation.org/news/un-general-secretary-backs-cement-and-concrete-leaders-in-united-rallying-call-for-action-on-net-zero/