Cemfree can transform your construction projects, reduce carbon emissions and enhance durability.
Cemfree can transform your construction projects, reduce carbon emissions and enhance durability.

Educating the next generation of bricklayers to go green

Cemfree, pioneer in the manufacture and development of ultra-low carbon binders, mortars and blocks, are supporting the next generation of bricklayers and construction professionals as they prepare for a greener future.

The programme, which involves working closely with construction colleges to introduce students to working with the growing range of ultra- low carbon sustainable concrete alternatives, is already attracting interest.

Nine first year apprenticeship bricklayer students at the Building Craft College in London have already used the recently launched Cemfree Masonry Mortar, which was donated by the company as part of their practical training.

During the session students were guided through the mixing process of the mortar to laying the mortar bed and two courses of brickwork. Neil Hayman, course lecturer was on hand to advise, along with Katie Wills from the Cemfree team. Most importantly, the students could see that Cemfree’s alternative cement free mortar behaves in the same way as standard mortars – while delivering substantial environmental benefits.

In February, Katie Wills and Devon Clark from Cemfree attended the Rochdale Campus of Hopwood Hall college to present to a group of level one, two and three Brickwork students, educating them on what Cemfree is and why there is a need for more sustainable building materials. Their tutor demonstrated how to mix the Cemfree Masonry Mortar, before providing a dedicated brickwork workshop to allow students to have a go themselves.

Students were impressed with Cemfree’s product, feeding back that it was less sticky and messy, providing a smooth finish that was easier to lay and lighter on the trowel.

As well as getting students used to dealing with alternative sustainable construction materials, Cemfree’s main aim is to educate the next generation of construction professionals to understand the advantage of using ultra-low carbon alternatives, particularly as Governments and the wider construction industry continue to press for lower emissions.

Comberton Village is another college that has benefited from Cemfree’s commitment to inspiring the next generation. Cemfree provided the college’s Eco Group with their products free of charge, and the group has used Cemfree’s product to encase their eco bricks, and join them together to create a raised bed for growing herbs for the Food Technology Department.

Katie Wills, Major Accounts Manager at Cemfree visited both the Building Crafts College and Hopwood College to support students in the use of Cemfree Masonry Mortar and empower them in the adoption of the latest innovative product.

“Helping to reduce carbon within the built environment is more than just creating products. It’s about educating others on why it’s important to reduce our carbon as an industry and the innovative solutions out there that help us.

It’s a privilege to be able to speak and work with the future-generation of construction professionals, who will one day be faced with these carbon reduction targets themselves. We hope that this will help shape the future of construction with UK and continue to work towards reducing our carbon footprint”