Cemfree can transform your construction projects, reduce carbon emissions and enhance durability.
Cemfree can transform your construction projects, reduce carbon emissions and enhance durability.

McLaren cuts carbon emissions on ExCeL London project using cement free mortar, Cemfree

Cemfree Masonry Mortar, an ultra-low carbon construction material, is set to be used on its first major project, the expansion of the iconic ExCeL London, saving over 11,000 kg of CO2e.

McLaren Construction and Lyons & Annoot specified just over 100 tonnes of Cemfree Masonry Mortar, for what formed Cemfree Masonry Mortar’s largest project application yet.

The ExCeL London project encompasses a substantial expansion of 25,000 sqm to the eastern section of the existing venue, along with the addition of a state-of-the-art ICC convention facilities, exhibition halls and conference rooms, together with public green spaces. These advancements aim to position London at the forefront of the global events industry.

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, leading contractor McLaren has embarked on a mission to create the most environmentally responsible scheme feasible, with the ultimate goal of achieving an ‘Excellent’ rating on the Building Research Establishment Assessment Method (BREEAM) upon completion.

Approved Contractor of Cemfree Masonry Mortar and one of the UK’s leading specialist brickwork contractors, Lyons & Annoot, have been entrusted with the brick and blockwork contract for the project. As advocates of ultra-low carbon materials and one of the first five construction contractors in the UK to be Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) validated, Lyons & Annoot has set impressive emission reduction targets through the initiative, with levels set to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

With the objective of minimising carbon emissions, Lyons & Annoot specified over 100 tonnes of Cemfree Masonry Mortar for the internal blockwork. Distinguished as the UK’s first mortar entirely free of Portland cement (PC), comparable to traditional cement-based mortars, this alternative offers a remarkable reduction in carbon

emissions of the mortar of up to 70%. Furthermore, it exhibits comparable properties to PC, ensuring consistent curing times, and exceptional workability.

As a result of Cemfree’s involvement in the project, impressive carbon savings of around 11,308 kg of CO2e were achieved, the equivalent to over 32 return flights from London to Barcelona.

Dave Mills at Lyons & Annoot said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be working on the first major project utilising the ultra-low carbon mortar in such a large capacity. We worked on Phase 2 of the ExCel centre 14 years ago, so it is nice to be back working on Phase 3 with a product like Cemfree. We have worked in collaboration with Cemfree ultra-low carbon masonry mortar for over 18 months now. We have worked with Katie and her team on the product from a workability aspect, colour and also routes to what bricklayers are looking for to achieve all of our sustainability goals, while also advising our client base of the availability of such products.

To be able to offer such a huge carbon saving of over 11,000kgs from traditional cement-based mortars on all the commodity blockwork elements of the project is amazing and shows how construction can be more sustainable in itself than perhaps what it has been previously. We are delighted that McLaren Construction Group have joined us on this journey, along with Grimshaw architects and the client ExCeL London. We look forward to collaborating with Cemfree on many more projects.’’

David Gavin, Managing Director, Industrial and Logistics at McLaren Construction, said: “Minimising the environmental impact of the projects we deliver is at the heart of our business and construction vision. Together with Cemfree Masonry Mortar, Lyons & Annoot and our client, we’ll be able to achieve significant carbon savings on one of our largest projects in the UK and take the knowledge forward in our business and supply chains.”

Katie Wills, Major Accounts Manager at Cemfree added: “We are delighted to be supplying our pioneering Masonry Mortar for the expansion of ExCeL London. It has been developed to reduce carbon emissions by an astonishing amount, so its use on such a large project is a major step forward for the industry as a whole.”