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Hullbridge Revetments, Essex


After many years of use, it was time for the revetments on the tidal estuary at the River Crouch to be replaced. The Environment Agency had classified the area at significant risk of flooding, hence the need.


Jackson Civil Engineering was called to undertake this project, using their Canewdon blocks, designed specifically to support and protect riverside and coastal embankment slopes. The particular design of the blocks allowed them to absorb the energy of the waves and protect the land.

The Solution

Jacksons Environment Manager Steve Livingstone and Supply Chain Manager Andy Lusher broke down the constituents of their Canewdon block to evaluate where they could make significant carbon savings.

They found that they could use Cemfree to replace the Portland cement (PC) in the concrete mix. To demonstrate that this was possible, a number of Cemfree modified Canewdon blocks were cast as part of the DULCET programme that Jackson and Cemfree are both members. These blocks were used alongside the hundreds of Canewdon blocks that made the new revetments. Incorporating Cemfree allowed a carbon saving of up to 84%, when compared to a block using PC.

Other carbon saving methods were also used. Basalt Rebar, and alternative to steel rebar was also used, as well as a carbon negative aggregate.

The Result

SUSTAINABILITY – Using a number of these Cemfree blocks with regular PC based blocks, it is estimated that the project saved up to 78% embodied carbon.

COLLABORATION – With the project using Cemfree, Basalt rebar and Steel rebar combined, a total of 88% carbon was saved per block.

AWARDS – For their efforts in quantifiably reducing their carbon emissions, Jackson Civil Engineering was named a Carbon Champion by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

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